What Does a SEO Technical Audit Involve?

When we talk about SEO, it is usually in the context of keywords or backlink building.  However, there is one fundamental aspect of SEO which shouldn’t be ignored and also happens to be 100% in your control: Your website’s technical structure.

There are a lot of factors which make up the technical backbone of your website.  But these can all be boiled down to how crawlable your website is by search engine spiders.  If your website can’t be crawled or the spiders don’t know what certain components of your website are, then they won’t be able to figure out what your website is about.

Some of the things which are looked at in a SEO technical analysis include:

Site Architecture

  • Internal linking structure
  • Redirects
  • Pagination
  • Anchor text
  • Canonicalization
  • Navigation elements
  • URL structure


  • Duplicate content
  • Header tags
  • HTML page titles
  • JavaScript and CSS usage
  • Alt text on images


  • Image and file sizes
  • Redirects
  • HTTP requests
  • Source order


  • Robots.txt files format
  • Sitemap
  • Meta robots
  • Nofollow and noindex


These are just a handful of the many factors which will be looked at in a technical SEO audit.  Every site is different, so factors which get analyzed and addressed will vary on a per-site basis.

It is important to realize that all these technical factors are the backbone of all your other SEO work.  Even if you do manage to get a zillion links to your website, for example, it won’t matter so much if you’ve got broken links and other problems which are preventing the Google spiders (and users) from understanding your website.