SEO Packages

What we do if you hire us ?

We find the balanced marketing approach that gets your website the most from Google in 2014, without getting you penalised in 2015. We focus on building reputation and keyword relevance satisfaction – which is the KEY to successful search engine optimisation in 2014.

We focus on improving the performance of your website, improving the relevance of your website content, the accessibility of it’s information, and the reputation of your backlink profile, to help you get more visitors from search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Over the course of a managed project, all our contract (per month) search engine optimisation packages typically include:

– Detection of Google penalties (including Penguin and Panda)
– Manual review, investigation & detection of “unnatural links”
– Investigation & detection of “negative seo” attacks
– Disavow of toxic or unnatural links (invoiced separately if large backlink profile)
– Help and management of Google Reconsideration Request process
– Removal of toxic links (invoiced separately IF required)
– Technical seo audit of your website
– Technical seo audit of the most important pages on your site
– In-depth keyword research for your niche, services and products
– Competitor research
– Competitor spam detection
– Quality back-link identification in the niche & advice on how to build quality backlinks
– Site-wide review of your website from a Google perspective
– Advice on how to proceed to avoid future Google ranking issues
– Advice on content marketing and other link building activities

The only difference campaign to campaign is studio hours and how quickly these items can be addressed. EVERY campaign will cover the items detailed above through the course of the project – the difference in costs come down to hours in the studio and how many hours can be assigned to the project through the month.

Costs are dependent on hours needed to complete the tasks involved, and this is dependent on many factors we can only determine once we know the full facts.

Our management fees start from £199 per month. You can also hire us for one off projects to advise on what specifically to do to your website to improve traffic from Google. If you are concerned about unnatural links to your site, we can help you with that too.

Contact us using the contact form on the site, asking for a Free Seo Quote. Please mention your monthly budget and target keywords for your site.