Online Reputation Management

online reputation managementProtecting a brand image is the most important aspect a company must focus. You worked hard for years, if not decades, building your brand. Your Online brand is deep linked with your real brand. Don’t let negative mentions or reviews related with your company hurt your bottom line. Potential customers searching for your company will see these negatives and often will choose to buy their products or services from another company.
We have establish relationships that will help create positive buzz around your brand. We can run campaigns that focus on the top ten results or top twenty results in Google. By using our eight years experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques we can shape the results of the first few pages. Our most common service is the first 10 results (page one) in Google.


Reputation Management Services:

We are quick and efficient at getting the results you need. Not all reputation management jobs are the same. While one company may have two negative mentions to push down another may have six or seven. Get in contact with us today so we can discuss your situation and better understand your needs.

Our search engine reputation management includes:

  • Confidentiality of Clients & Services
  • Analysis of Negative & Positive Mentions
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Content Creation and Promotion
  • Multimedia Creation and Promotion
  • Increase Social Media Exposure
  • Promoting Local Listings
  • Online Reputation Monitoring
  • Removal of Negative Information
  • Proven reputation management strategies

Internet Reputation Management FAQ:

Question: Will you be able to push down my negative reviews on Google?

Answer: Yes, we use proven techniques to bubble up positive information about your brand.

Question: What type of clients do you help?

Answer: With our online reputation management services we can help clients in any industry including hotel, restaurant, business-to-business, retail, day spas, resorts, celebrity, medical (doctors & dentist), real estate, florist, car dealerships and many more.

Question: This has to be kept under wraps and on the down low. Can you guys handle that?

Answer: Although every situation is unique the one thing they all have in common is they must all be handled with sensitivity and confidentiality. Nobody will know you have hired us. (unless you tell them) We do not discuss our

Question: How does reputation management services work?

Answer: We use a number of techniques but it all boils down to pushing the negative company mentions down and promoting the positive company mentions.

Question: Will I receive reports on your progress?

Answer: Yes, we send out monthly reports letting you know what we have done and the results it’s achieving. Often times during the first 30-days of a reputation management campaign we communicate more frequently.

Question: Can you get bad Yelp reviews removed?

Answer: Yes and no. Yelp reviews can only be removed if they are in violation of Yelp’s guidelines. These include personal attacks, not involving first hand experience or irrelevant reviews.

Question: Can you help me with my personal reputation problems?

Answer: Yes, sometimes people want to just be visible in the search engines and other times they have negative information showing up about them. Either way we can help ensure people find you online and the good information too.

Question: Do you offer reputation maintenance as well?

Answer: Yes, after you are happy with the results we can place your organization into our reputation maintenance service. This services keeps pushing your brand forward in a positive way while ensuring there isn’t anything new on its way.